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The University of Southampton
Health Sciences

Research Groups

Our research is concentrated into four main groups; Active Living and Rehabilitation, Complex Health Needs, Fundamental Care and Safety and Health Work. Research is carried out within three themes within these groups.


The Active Living and Rehabilitation group aims to enable active living across the life span for healthy ageing, focusing on rehabilitation for people with musculoskeletal, neurological and respiratory conditions.

Active Living Technologies

This theme’s research aims to enable lifelong active living to enhance musculoskeletal health and general health.


This theme’s research aims to enable lifelong active living to enhance musculoskeletal health and general health.


Breathing Research supports a range of projects from basic physiological investigations to therapeutic trials.


Research in the Complex Health Needs group aims to advance understanding of the ways that life-changing and life-limiting diseases impact on individuals and families.

Ageing and Dementia

Our research focuses on improving quality of life and care for older people with complex health conditions.

Cancer Survivorship and End of Life Care

Our research focuses on understanding and improving the lives of people affected by cancer (including those at increased risk), life-limiting conditions, and those at the end of life.

Implementation Research

Implementation research takes a systems approach to the design, development, evaluation and delivery of healthcare services.


Fundamental Care and Safety looks at elements of care and safety that are essential for maintenance of health and dignity.

Continence Management

Our research focuses on technologies and strategies designed to contain or drain urine/faeces and those that prevent or minimise incontinence and its effects on quality of life.

Skin Health

Our research focuses on strategies designed to maintain skin health.


The Health Work group explores organisations and structures surrounding care and services.

Emergency and Urgent Care

Our research focuses on the organisation and delivery of emergency and urgent health care services and the experience of care by patients, their families and carers.

Patient Work

Our research focuses on the work that people with health and illness and their personal networks of support undertake.


Our research focusses on the configuration of the health care workforce to ensure safe and high quality care.

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