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As the sun sets on this chapter... just kidding. This will be my last post. It's been an experience, not really sure how people can do this everyday, but wanted to make sure the uni got their money's worth. Scholarship definitely helped so thanks for that. I've experienced most of everything I could've wanted from my time here, with more to come. If you're thinking of coming to Sydney you'll probably be fine as there's not much you need to adapt to. Australia is actually less adventurous than you would perhaps think, very commercialised and domesticated. Not a bad thing at all, makes it all quite laid back, there's a lot to enjoy, would come again for sure if I have the opportunity. #toomanybeers #nevertoomany #sotonabroad #Usyd (pic 3) this bird is an ibis, in Sydney they're just about as common as pigeons, very strange #binchicken (Pic 2) A snake I found in the blue mountains, apparently very poisonous. #slytherin #canttouchthis
Beaches! I've been told there are well over 100 in Sydney alone. Whether this is true or not, you won't be stuck for choice. As a student exchanging from Southampton I really appreciate being able to spend time with friends in a variety of different settings. Sydney enables you to lead a balanced lifestyle, something which is important to me as it decreases the likelihood of habituation. "Variety is the spice of life" as they say. Just remember when exposed to the sun, as the Australians would say "slip slop slap". P.S. In the first photo there is a watermelon juice box, it tastes just like the real thing. This post is actually built around me wanting to show watermelon juice ��. I will miss it so much ��
#beaches #Usyd #sotonabroad #watchoutforjaws #slipslopslap #watermelonjuice #questionablepriorities
For more practical advice I want to talk about accommodation. People have different desires: ensuite bathrooms, social benefits, location. I'm not here to tell you what you should prioritise. However, one factor that should concern most students is budgeting. It's not cheap to live in Sydney so you might want to consider finding your own accommodation. I want to provide some insight into how this is a viable option and not as complicated as you might think. I will also inform you on the price of other accommodation choices you can make.

Finding your own accommodation: Create a premium account on less than a week before you fly out and start to arrange viewings you're interested in. Alternatively find room listings from Facebook groups. Book a week in a hostel, I recommend "Wake Up!" (Pic 1), they have secure storage, good internet and are located right by central station. If you need longer you can extend your stay. Unless you're extremely lucky in finding a great place quickly, or are easy to please I wouldn't book less than a week. When you find a place you pay a bond and a week's rent in advance like normal and that's pretty much it. Took me 15 viewings, 10 days, is a great way to learn the city suburbs and overall provides transferable life experience. I pay $280 = £166 per week, this gets me (pic 4), good location, a large single person room, double bed, fridge and on occasion cockroaches (they are everywhere in the city). Alternative choices: Arranged through the university "QMB" $322 = £191 per week. Recommended by the university "Urbanest" (pic 3) from $354 = £210 per week, literally don't bother with urbanest. Completely overpriced for what you get.
#USyd #sotonabroad #cockroaches #notscared #accommodation
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