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We seek every opportunity to be improve sustainability and have a positive impact on our community and the environment.

Student taking part in Blackout
Blackout is the biggest campus wide-energy audit in the country

How are we supporting sustainability?

We believe that all students and staff should have the opportunity to contribute to the University’s sustainability. We support them to deliver ground-breaking projects such as Blackout and our Waste Wars events, that have helped us to achieve a 70% recycling rate.

We also provide an innovative Sustainability module to broaden our students’ understanding of sustainability. We want our graduates to leave the University equipped with sustainability knowledge and skills across social, cultural, economic and environmental dimensions.

We are committed to meeting ambitious sustainability targets and managing our environmental impact. We also have an environmental management system certified to the international ISO 14001 standard. It is through our combined commitment that we will improve sustainability.

Students recycling at Waste Wars

How to get involved

You can support sustainability during your time at the university. Join Sustainability Action to take part in our sustainability initiatives.

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